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The Xavier, a standard Obsidian Class Luna Destroyer- one of the most powerful starships in the Syrunese People's Interstellar Fleet; a fleet built by the people, for the people- be it defence or otherwise. The Xavier was a 2401 meter long, 4.914 million tonne warship with its crew compliment of around 2000 individuals and complete with a weapons array consisting of 36 standard Ion Cannons, 8 anti-matter capable missile ports and a first class 20 Yotta Volt Tesla forward battery, and just to be sure it didn't run out of firepower; it held 18 Demious class fighters- each easily capable of destroying a Koron heavy freighter. The Obsidians were the dreadnoughts of the fleet and they held spacial superiority no matter what sector they propelled into.

It was through these destroyers  the Koron-Syruni treaty was signed, afterall even the warrior race of the Korons knew they could not defeat even one Obsidian- never mind the 8 stationed on their border.
The Xavier had been patrolling the De-Militarised Zone with the Vorath since the construction of several Vorath supply outposts along the other side of the border- military intelligence believed it could be the prelude to an invasion.

Within the Xavier's re-enforced hull contained around 2000 crew; men, women and insect of all different races, the Syrunese People's Communal Government had made it their main policy to promote integration ever since the war with the Korons sum 14 years ago.

Within this crew were the carnivorous red eyed arachnid Korons, the Aerolites- a long time ally of the Syrunese , the 'Aeros' as nicknamed by the public, where humanoid in appearance like the Syrunese- but where blue of skin and had their chests and foreheads covered with colour changing spots, these spots changed colour pending on the individuals emotion. The Syrunese and the Syrunites made up the most and rest of the crew- both of deep red skin and both had their bodies covered in stripes of charcoal black, how many pended on their ages-as they increased over time till the vertical marks covered the body from the neck down. The Syrunites do have their variations from the Syrunese despite being one of the same people. The Syrunites are physically active, some even have developed telekinesis. The Syrunite home world- Dirac, is a protectorate of the Syrunese People hence why they are also part of the crew, the Korons to show mutual trust, and the Aeros because of the outstanding friendship between the two races. But as what happens on every ship, relationships form; be they comradely, romantic, sexual or even foe-like, thankfully lesser of the latter as the other three thrive.

A sexual relationship especially developed between a particular Syrunese Demious Flight Sergeant- Nikoli Cromwell and an Aerolite Logistics Lieutenant – En'fili Feliss. It all started when the two of them were invited to the Commander's mess hall in celebration of their outstanding service, some months ago. Commander Viktor Neroon introduced the pair and at that exchange of hands, sparks flew between them; the gentle foot caressing under the table during the celebration, cemented the relationship (in a manner of speaking).
This is the Prologue to the Xavier story, don't be put off please- this is an introduction the rest of the story isn't like this.
Chapter 1- [link]
Chapter 2- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
Chapter 4- [link]
Chapter 5- [link]
Chapter 6- [link]
Chapter 7- [link]
Chapter 8- [link]
Also available to purchase for your Kindle- [link]
***This is an original story, please respect it as such. If you wish to use it in any conceivable way please contact me personally.***
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i-luv-u-2 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love how u describe the surroundings, great write, I'll certainly read more :D
Mad-Bamford Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012
LOveing the description of the fleet my dear boy, the main part of a good sci-fi in my oppion is the ship.
ShadowsOfAVorlon Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2012  Student Writer
Thanks Mr. B, just hope you like the rest of it too.
TsukikoCyberGoth Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Student General Artist
I love the whole thing but particularly the ending of the proglogue. It's so military all the way through and informative and then it's like...
Sexual relations, this is how it happens.

I absolutely love it.
ShadowsOfAVorlon Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2012  Student Writer
Thank you dear, that means alot.
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